Premium & Affordable
Minecraft Server Hosting

Premium & Affordable Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft Servers from 
$1 per month

Premium Hardware

Our servers are equipped with premium hardware ensuring minimum lag on your server.

Affordable Pricing

All our servers are sold at affordable pricing. Prices starting from $1/pm.

Powerful Panel

The panel for all our services is powered by Pterodactyl with an extra cherry on top: we have modified it for extended use!

Brilliant Support

Our support is brilliant. That's simply it. We have a live chat on our site, a ticket system for clients and a Discord server.


Minecraft Servers
Starting From $1/pm

Instant Setup

Everytime we get an order, it is instantly setup using our automation systems meaning you do not need to wait for a human to come and serve you before you can use your server.

Powerful Panel

Our server panel means you can make the most out of your server without having to go around a steep learning curve. Our panel is powered by Pterodactyl with some extra additions to improve your experience.


You're just a few clicks away from creating the server you've dreamed of...

Great for Beginners!

Our servers are great for new owners because we provide brilliant support that can help you learn the ins and outs of controlling your server.

Our servers are protected.

Our servers are protected with Cloudflare DDoS protection to ensure that any attempted attacks on your servers will fail without a fight.

Looking for plans?


We offer affordable servers with great support and a great panel.

How To Own A Minecraft Server For Beginners!

The simple 3 steps you can follow to make your first Minecraft server!


Purchase a Server

First step is to buy a server. We suggest purchasing a server with 3GB+ for beginner owners so they can get their foot in the door.


Set the Server Up

You can easily set your server up with the help of our support team. Install all your favorite plugins and configure them all in just a few clicks.


Open to the Public

Open your doors to the public. Make a discord server, tell your friends and list yourself on as many Minecraft server listings as you can. You will get players in no time.


Our panel is different to others because it has multiple add-ons making it more powerful and filling it with even more easy to use features.

Nope. All of our support agents are real people just like you and me who have a passion for helping people with their problems. Many of our agents are ex-server owners so they know a thing or two about Minecraft servers.

We know it's hard to understand that our servers are so cheap. Our prices start $1/pm. You read that right. You can probably find that amount of money on your sofa!

     Premium & Affordable Minecraft Servers

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